This website, just like my collection, is a work in progress.  Browsing through the web has made me realize the dearth of available information on Philippine indigenous music.  Having traveled much of Southeast Asia, I have also come to the conclusion that compared to neighboring countries, the Philippines has little permanent venues that showcase its colorful music traditions.

Much of the instruments and recordings is from my own personal collection of musical instruments and recordings including those of vocal music that I have gathered since 1990. Some were collected from various field work projects while others were purchased from instrument makers, antique shops, crafts workshops, trade fairs, and other venues.

This site is my own little way of sharing my passion and love for traditional music in general and Philippine music in particular.

3 responses to “About

  • Jose Taton Jr.

    Hi Sir Earl.I am really interested in your collection because I am also collecting different traditional instruments as well, although my collection is not as extensive as yours. I just started. I hope to see your collection and have some discourse. I want to widen the ethnomusical culture and knowledge here in the Philippines especially in Iloilo, my hometown. Thanks…

  • Marc Valenciano

    Greetings Sir Earl!

    Great collection.

    Do you have a facebook account or email where we could communicate? I’m dreaming of building a museum of indigenous and native art in the next 20 years. Your website is a great help.

    • Earl

      You may look for me at FB .. mountain trekkearl… I have my own little museum of my collextion of indigenous musical instruments. . Sorry the website hasn’t been updated for a while. Incidentally, I just finished 2 weeks of fieldwork among the T’boli in Lake Sebu.

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