Gung Treng (Tompoun)


Name: Gung Treng

Classification: Polychordal zither

Description: Strings originate from one of the zither and are individually attached to tuning pegs.  There are a total of 10 strings.  Different instruments may have different number of strings depending on the preference of the musician. The gourd  does not act as a resonator.  Rather it is a “holder” for the zither as it is played with the open end of the gourd against the stomach with the end of the bamboo node containing the tuning pegs upright.  The fingers are plucked. The repertoire of the gung treng includes music played by the bossed gongs as it can be used as a replacement for the instruments.  Singing may also accompany the gung treng.

Materials: bamboo (body), gourd, metal (strings)

Ethnolinguistic Group: Tompoun

Place: Rattankiri, Cambodia

Date Collected: December 2011

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