Litgit (Panay Bukidnon)


Name: Litgit

Ethnolinguistic Group: Panay Bukidnon

Classification: 2-stringed fiddle

Description: A length of bamboo serves the resonator of the instrument the top of which is the tuning “head” where two tuning pegs are attached.  The center of the instrument where the strings are placed has been scraped thinly to allow better vibration of the strings.  Abaca fiber is used as strings and this is attached to the tuning pegs on top then stretched along the length of the instrument.  This is secured at the base where a thin nitch has been carved.  Tension is provided by a thin board underneath which a hole has been cut-out.  The instrument is played with a small bow with abaca strings. The instruments is played solo for recreation.

Materials: bambo, abaca, wood

Place Collected: Calinog, Iloilo

Date Collected: 1997

Provenance: The instrument was constructed by Lucia Caballero wife of Manlilkha ng Bayan, Pedring Caballero.

Constructing the “litgit.”

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