Tekumbo (Panay Bukindon)

Name: tekumbo

Description: A struck chordophone. The pair of strings are strips of skin from the surface of a single node of bamboo has been cut and raised. The surface in between the strings has been scraped thinly. Frets are placed underneath the ends of both strings. A thin board connects both strings at the center underneath which is a hole. A small pair of sticks lightly hammers the board like a drum. The instrument is played solo for recreation.

Materials: bamboo

Ethnolinguistic Group: Panay-Bukidnon

Place Collected: Calinog, Iloilo

Date Collected: 1997

Provenance: The instrument was constructed by Lucia Caballero, wife of Manlilikha ng Bayan, Pedring Caballero.

Lucia Caballero holds the “tekumbo” she made. Calinog, Iloilo. 1997.

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