Bilbil (Kalingga)


Name: Bilbil

Classification: buzzers

Description: A length of bamboo with two projecting tongues.  There is a hole at the end of the body.

Bamboo buzzers among the Kalinga are referred to as bungkaka or bilbil depending on the village.  These instrument is played by women and is believed to drive away evil spirits when walking along lonely mountain trails.  The instrument is played by holding on to the end of the tube with one hand while striking it on the open palm or wrist of the other hand.  To vary the sound, the thumb is placed over the hole found at the side of the instrument near the base . The instruments play a specific rhythm which each instrument entering at different points resulting in an inter-locking pattern.

Material: bamboo (body), rattan (ring)

Ethnolinguistic Group: Kalingga

Place: Kalinga

Date collected: 2016



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