Libbit (Ifugao)

Name: Libbit

Description: Single-head goblet-shaped drum played with the hands. The main trunk of the drum is carved with an image of a lizard. This type of libbit is a modern version made for the tourist market.

Material: wood (body), deer skin

Ethnolinguistic Group: Ifugao

Place: Ifugao

Date Collected: 1991

2 responses to “Libbit (Ifugao)

  • Jasmine

    Thank you for sharing these photos online. I very much appreciate it because, as a student of a musical culture other than my own for the last 9 months, I am now in search of information about my own ancestor’s instruments and musical heritage which is half Filipino, half French-Irish-Scottish

    I wanted to find the answer to the question, “Does my sense of timing come from my developing it in my own lifetime or is it in my blood?”

    I am so pleased to discover that my Filipino ancestry has not only percussion but also melodic instruments. This is so comforting and affirming to and for me. So thank you so much for what you are doing!

    Kind Regards

    • Earl

      Thank you very much for visiting my site. Good luck in discovering your journey towards finding your cultural self and identity. May you have enriching experiences.

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