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Notes To A Collection

The music and the instruments that you will find in this virtual museum come from my own private collection displayed in a little museum in my house.  The presentation is similar to the way the collection is curated in the museum.

My collection also includes specimens from music cultures outside the Philippines.  By also presenting these samples, I hope to show  how the individual musical threads of particular cultures are interwoven to produce a cultural tapestry of the music cultures of the world.

Both in the physical museum and the virtual museum, I have grouped the collection according to the instruments’ classification as defined by the Hornbostel-Sachs musical instrument classification system.

Far from being a comprehensive survey of the indigenous music cultures of the Philippines, this is my own personal way of sharing what I have with fellow scholars and enthusiasts.  By doing so, I hope to contribute to placing Philippine indigenous music in its rightful place in the map of world music.